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Tiêu đề: Practicing guidline
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My translation may have many mistakes, however I hope it may bring you much useful information in your way of finding inside happiness and way to be enlightened.

Tiêu đề: Sila, Samdhi and Wisdom
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Source : http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ThucHanh.htm (http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ThucHanh.htm)
Sila, Samadhi and Wisdom

“ My doctrine is not for anyone to believe, but to practice”
Shakyamuni Buddha

Practicing method

These following practicing method is based on the experience and acknowledgement by Master Tibu and many others who mediating under the guide of Tibu, and it’s not only the theory. Its called: “Lets  speak what you are doing and do what you speak”

       Sila, Samadhi and Wisdom

If you practice without a direction and obvious method, the probability you will fall into a trap is very high. It looks like when a dog is chased and bitted by other dogs.  This dog will react by attacking these others, by continuously bite left or right, and so on it will die.  But if this dog know and open for him his own way, by just attacking in only one direction, the probably it can run away from the enemy maybe high. As such, practicing like “you heard and you do”, or you think” It’s sound nice and you do” , or just do it because other peers are doing and complimenting about it, the results you get won’t be lot. That practicing must be like Master Milarepa once said:

“ You must have a unique method and a very closed master, so you can reach your final purpose in this life”
Or just like Maha Muni Buddha once said to his followers:
-   Perfect in the first beginning( Sila)
-   Perfect in the middle of the way( Samadhi)
-   And perfect in the final ( Wisdom)

Conclusion: You need to have a very clear and clarify way of practicing and perfect in three stages: Sila, Samadhi and Wisdom. With our slow improvement( 2500 years and we still here), we need to do it right away with our heart, mind and energy

Sila: Hstd’ guideline is to speak truthfully and to be dutiful to your parents:
1)   Speak the truth:
Based on PBS research , one person may lie once per day. However, it’s base on a research at America. However, in this country where you need to work hard, if you don’t lie then it’s very hard to survive.
       The paradox is if you want to cultivate, first you need to keep the Sila: Speak the truth.
So, there is a way to resolve this paradox:
-   Choose the one so you can say the truth:
You may choose the one among your family members, and always say the truth to this person. If you can do it, when you go outside and lie, because of this person, you can keep the balance.
-   Choose a place so you always say the truth:
Choose a place in your house, wherever you are in that place, whenever you talk, you must say the truth.
2)   Be dutiful to your parents:
Considered your parents above anything else, your parents’ decision must be respected by you. And you need to do whatever your parents tell you to do (if it’s true and still inside the moral and law regulation, even if it may adverse your thought)


Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
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Very good translation, thank you very much Trạng Lồi

Tiêu đề: Harmoniz your body
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Thank you Tibu!!!
Source: http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm (http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm)

Harmonize your body

A.   Meditation position: Remember to put your tongue to touch your jaw
1.   Definition: It’s a simple, balancing, secure and less tiredness position
2.   Category: There are two position: SIT AND LYING DOWN
•   Sit: Just sit wherever and however, just feel secure. If you want to sit with a half lotus position, you should follow as described in HATHA YOGA ( Remember to put your right leg on your left thigh. If you sit on a chair, remember to put your heel of foot touch slightly each other.
•   Lying down: : Just lying down wherever and however, just feel secure.
3.   Direction: There are some who are allergic to the geographic direction, so will have the 4 following feeling:
-   Not feeling satisfied or not safe when they sit, showing their face in that direction
-   When mediating, suddenly your neck tilt in different direction
-   Feel like your body leaning, but in fact it’s still very straight
-   Feel like your body oscillating
4.   Resolve
Just rotate your body slowly into different direction (remember to rotate it clockwise)

For example:  If this time you sit at the North, the next time you rotate your body to the north east. If it’s still not right, the next time you shift it to the East.
B.   Relax your body:
1.   Definition:  Not stretching any of your muscle which not necessary during your mediating session. Keep your jaw closed and your tongue still touching the upper jaw.
2.   Purpose: To keep you absence of false ideas or thoughts/ apart from thought.
3.   Relax all of your muscle from toe , through joint up to top of your head. If any part of your body feel tense, stretch it a little bit and then suddenly let  it loose.
C.   Detachment:

1.   Detach your body 1st and then your mind.  My ( Tibu) detach method is From the mediating position, breath in breath out and as I breath in, I put my attention to my toe and as I breath out, I loose it, then to thigh muscle, then thigh, then asshole( lol)
2.   Calculate the breath:

I calculate my breath, as I breath out I imagine ( in my head) to draw a digital number, right in front of me, until no 12.
Repeat three routine, the number which can appear blur is acceptable because this stage only help you to forget your daily living routine( detach your thought)


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Very good, thank you much Trạng Lồi ;D ;D ;D

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
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Thank you! Dont know how to name " Điều tức" in English, so I just put it as a distribution of vital force

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm)

Distribution of vital force

As  you put your attention to the in and out of your breath, you can only relax your body and this action only brings you to the upacara; so don’t too believe in what books  nowadays saying.
1.   The distribution of vital force:
-   When breathing in : The vital force is stopped short
-   When breathing out: The vital force is circulated
As so, you should relax your muscle when breathing out( breathing out take longer time compared with breathing in)
2.   Purpose: Followed up your upacara by a Samyak-samadhi
From Upacara to Samyak-samadhi, you will see a very different state of feeling/mentality
-   At Upacara: Your Greed and Desire still a lot
-   At Samyak-samadhi:  Your Greed and Desire will be lesser and lesser( depend on how deep your  mediation is)
As such, when you go from upacara to Samyak-samadhi, you will encounter the up and down of psychological process.
*Any psychological oscillation will lead to a slip of Samyak-samadhi.
3. Practice:
  - With two gate( nose and mouth) and two container/ storage( Lung and belly), we have a  distribution of yin(-) and yang(+) as followed:

                 LUNG(+)---> STORE--->(-) BELLY

 After analyzing, we come to this conclusion:
 - When breathing in, we use nose and lung, it will be totally Yang-> we tend to be more impatient, flutter, tremble with excitement and hard to relax
 -When breathing in, we use mouth and belly, it will be totally Yin-> We will die because of exhausted, or have serious illness.
THUS: We should use NOSE and BELLY: A combination of yin and yang. It’s a breath of a child.
Put your attention more on the breathing out instead of breathing in( take longer time when you breathe out)
Try to imagine about a series of digital number from no 1 till no 12. Remember every routine of breathe in and out is ended with one number.
For example:  Close your eyes, slowly breath in- out and try to imagine:
-   The number will appear  blurry right in front of you, in a small picture frame
-   Repeat the routine of  no 1 till no 12 thrice, each routine consists of 12 number or 12 breath
-   Focus on making these number become more obvious/ transparent
-   Remember to breathe slowly; try to open up your belly when breathing in. You will get used to it soon.


Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: rancon trong Tháng Sáu 28, 2012, 03:08:37 AM
wow. you worked hard! Thank you!

Tiêu đề: Thank you RC
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Thank you RC!

May you and others like to translate some part of hstd.

When I layed down on my bed, I kept thinking " Duong xua may trang" can reach lot of westerners cause they have a version in English. Our Tibu's method as in my opinion is way better than that. So why don't we translate it in English. Some reasons are:

- They( westerners) have greater blessing/ fortune compared to Asian; so if 1% of those who like to mediate know a unique way, they can go very far.

- When this generation and next generation die, with the English version; by any chance it can be explored and researched; so on our hstd doctrine can be kept as the time goes by and it may help those who wants to find their way to the Nirvana shorten their time.

If some of you share the same idea, you may do the translation also.


Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: rancon trong Tháng Sáu 28, 2012, 04:41:07 AM
Dear TL,

I have tried to translate stuff on hstd, but many times I realized I do not understand it well enough to choose the right word. I admire your selection of wordings, it showed you have lived a live and understand the method, as well as the emotional connection you have with your/our practice. I have a passion to spread hstd's practice by translating it into English, too. But at first it was just me and that made it a bit difficult, 'cause no one will cross-check with me. When I said thank you earlier, it was not only for working so hard for hstd. In fact, I wanted to thank you because you lit up the little bit of passionate that I have left in me. Anyways, next time when I translate stuff please scheme over and help me with the little mistakes there may be. I know, we are all not native speaker, nor is our english perfect, so if we help each other keep an eye on our work, it would make things so much easier, right?

Thanks again!


Tiêu đề: From English Corner To Homepage
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Thanks to Trạng Lồi and Rắn con for your works in translating to English. Please continue your work and help other to do it as well.

It has been more than 3 years since hoasentrenda and the forum started. Translating to English is one of our goals to bring the Practicing Guidline to the world community.

Now, it is time to consider a completion of English webpage that will require more than two translators for the tasks. Therefore, we are encouraging other translator to join the task force in translating the whole website to English as soon as possible. Any one who wants to participate, please contact with admin at hoasentrenda@gmail.com

Your help are appreciated. ;D ;D ;D


Cảm ơn Trạng Lồi và Rắn con đã dịch những bài viết về Thục Hành sang tiếng Anh. Mong các bạn tiếp tục công việc và giúp đỡ các bạn khác cùng tham gia.

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Xin liên lạc với admin theo địa chỉ email: hoasentrenda@gmail.com
Chân thành biết ơn sự giúp đỡ của quý Bạn. ;D ;D ;D


Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
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Thank you RC and hoasentrenda. Thank you ;D

@RC: Yes. I would like to do it with you, RC. My pleasure   ;D

 @hoasentrenda: Btw, can i do this part: http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ThucHanh.htm? (http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ThucHanh.htm?)

So we make sure we dont do the overlap with each other? Or you can arrange the translating part for me?  ;D


Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: rancon trong Tháng Bảy 11, 2012, 02:11:03 AM
I love it when everybody do the hardest part for me, which is choosing what to do :D

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 12, 2012, 08:10:03 AM
@RC: Can help me proof-read this part? This may have many mistakes ;D

Self protection

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm#HoThan (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm#HoThan)

Self protection will help us feel safe.Self protection will help us to close the Anahata chakra and to avoid the release of consciousness without self control.
Self protection steps:
-For women: Vipasyana the “AUM”and concentrate to her reproduction system. Or read this mantra: AUM, KRODANA HUM JAH( 7 times) , and see the reproduction system to purify herself. After that, can do as followed like men

-For men: With this Rddhi-mantra: Om, Driym ( Om, dri- dim)


Usually, you should find the one who acquitted Esoteric methods to obtain this Mudrā. However, if not, you yourself should make a vow, then you can do Mudrā
-   Clasp hands, two finger index located like the picture. The finger index must be putted on the the thumb
-   Two thumb putted stand up, side by side, touch the index  finger
-   Touch the top of your thumb to 6 parts of your body


When touching your thumb to 6 parts of your body, you should say (just to yourself) the Rddhi-mantra: Om, Driym ( Om, dri- dim) with high frequency. The 6 parts included:
1.   Top of your head
2.   Brow or Forehead Center
3.   At the deep-set point below your right clavicle/collar-bone and near delta muscle
4.   At the deep-set point below your left clavicle/collar-bone and near delta muscle
5.   At the middle of your chest
6.   At the middle of your mouth


Read the vow at lowest frequency:

1.   Namo Manjusri Great Wisdom, please protect me and bring safety during this mediating session.
2.   As my wish, all the beings mediating with me today will feel happy,  secure and  with good health
3.   As my wish, all the guardian devas will protect me and the mediating place from bad thoughts, bad karma
4.   As my wish, all tranquil/ restful to the beings

Self protection  is one of the important technique in Vajrayana. It will protect our nimbus and close our energy centre points. It also can call our guardian devas to protect us during mediating session

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 15, 2012, 01:22:05 AM
Vajra samadhi mudra

This mudra( like the Ok signal) is called the Vajra Samadhi one hand mudra. You put your index finger touch the thumb and make it liked the circle, others finger rest normally.



Vajra Samadhi  two hand mudra: Practitioner who has strong mind power should use this two hand mudra because it will be more suitable for them
-   The right hand makes a Amrta mudra: Ring finger touch the thumb to make a circle,  other fingers rest normally


-   The left hand makes a Bhaisajya mudra: the middle finger touch the thumb to make a circle, other fingers rest normally
-   Two hands face upward, fingers point to each other.
-   Practitioner slowly pushes the two hands close to each others. Normally, left and right hand side fingers  will be automatically interposed

-   The final step is to release the two circle you made above( at the left and right hand) and lets the thumb fingertips touched each other, lying on the index finger


-   With this condition, the right hand index finger will lye on the the left hand index finger. The right hand middle finger will lye below the left hand middle finger, etc.
-   When doing  Vajra Samadhi mudra, 2 hands touch like you are clipping a smoking paper.
-   You should read this instruction carefully and slowly and do it step by step

Release mudra:
Still holding your mudra and touch this mudra to your head skin before releasing it.
With higher mediating level ( from the Third Jhana upwards) , practitioners should visualize the image of an egg with gold color. Inside this egg has a human being (this is you), who is holding the mudra and do self protection as describes above. This self protection helps practitioners a lot by protecting his/her nimbus. Each time a human being( that’s you visualize inside an golden egg) uses the mudra touch 6 parts of his/her body, the whole image of an egg will sparkle. Base on the strength of sparkling, practitioners understand how safety he gets with self protection.

Tiêu đề: Milarepa ‘s relaxing technique after mediating session( Xả thiền)
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 16, 2012, 12:30:47 AM
Milarepa ‘s relaxing technique after mediating session

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm#XaThien (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/DieuThan.htm#XaThien)

Thu, 24 Apr 1997 12:26:13
Hi everyone
Relaxing technique after mediating session is a transition step from Samdhi state to wandering state in which our body and nerves need to have time for preparation. Relaxing after mediating session is a very important step, just like when we pour hot water into an ice glass, if we pour the water immediately, the ice glass will be broken. But if we slowly pour hot water and shake the glass, we will not regret about the outcome.  At beginning level, relaxing technique is not very important but for high level practitioners ( such as Third Jhana and Fourth Jhana), practitioners will feel dizzy when they immediately finish their relaxing step. This immediately stop will cause practitioner a headache or worse like Unconsciousness.
The book Tibetan yoga and secret doctrines của W.Y Evans-Wentz, ISBN 0-19-500278-4 also mentions about relaxing technique.
1.   If the mediating position is lying on bed, just do it like when you wake up in the morning
2.   If the mediating position is sitting with a half or full lotus position, follow these following steps and do it slowly, step by step( like slow motion movie)
a.   Head:
-   Turn your head to the left: Breathe out
-   Return your head to its starting position, breathe in
-   Repeat the above steps, but now to the right
-   Repeat the whole process at least 3 times
b.   Shoulder:
-   Twist your shoulder from low to high. While at high, breathe in. While at low, breathe out
-   Repeat the process 3 times.
c.   Release the mudra( if you use it):
-   Touch the mudra to your head’s skin  and release it just by an action like you sweep your hair by hands
d.   Arms:
-   Sprinkle arms like a fish tries to get out of net
e.   Legs:
-   Slowly get your legs out of the half/full lotus position. 2 hands put on floor
-   Bring it up
-   Sprinkle like you do with arms
f.   Body:
-   Turn to the starting position when you practicing, try to lean to the front and bring your body up a little bit
-   When leaning  and bringing it up, breathe out with a sound: huh( low volume only)
-   Repeat 3 -6 times
Relax your body correctly can eliminate poison in your body and help u practice well in near future. Remember to read some blessing after the mediating session.
With sincerely,

Note:  Can use Tám, Tư uncle’s relaxing technique but not as good as Milarepa’s
  In the book: I search, I practice and I vitakko the doctrine, the uncle mentioned:
After mediating session, use 2 palms to rub your nose, up to your head until you feel the consciousness
(1)   Rub two hands until you it warms, the fingers stand upwards

After that, hold the nose with your warm hands; rub your face, forehead, head and then ears

Repeat (1) and rub, press shoulder, down to arm, wrist, and then finger. Use your hand rub from groin to thigh, to your leg and pinion your toes. Finally, rub your two feet together.

Comment:  Right after mediating, practitioner uses hand hold his/her nose, this action can be applied for the those at upacara level, because if with third/fourth jhana practitioners, they will immediately feel dizzy when using this relaxing method. This method includes many rush action such as rubbing hands together hardly. This imperfection will hold practitioners long at their upacara level. Let’s mention a little bit about the definition of upacara: it’s a low level which belongs to the Kamadhatu ( desire-heaven). At upacara, practitioners will see nimitta (images) with following characters:  suddenly appearing and unnoticeable. The nimitta (images) just appear right in front of practitioners and they can’t control it. At apacara, practitioners feeling like body is leaning, twisting, tilting or eye suddenly see a sparkling light, ear suddenly hear the sound of thunder, etc.
 Damage when relaxing the body too fast:

-   Want to release the consciousness to upper heaven
-   The soul is not  close to body after mediating
-   Chronic headache, even when taking medicine
         If you incur the above trouble, you need to practice Milarepa’s relaxing technique. Why? Because people always have the habit of right after mediating, he/she stand up immediately without relaxing body. Thus, day after day, the soul no longer closes to the body and therefore he/she has chronic headache syndrome

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 16, 2012, 10:27:11 AM
Construction and creation of an ideology:

Before explore how to do the  Samma Samadhi on a kasina, we should know roughly about the construction, operation, and karma creation of an ideology. This matter has been mentioned in a Abhidarma Bibble Book or Abhidhammattha Sangaha( Thich Minh Chau)

We pay attention to one event coming : The sound of a key falling on a table “crash”. When bring this event to analysis base on Abhidarma, we have the following result:
After acknowledging the event passing by, in one sound “ crash ”: we know or just have an idea in our head: This is the sound of a key falling on floor, this thought itself has passed 5 process:
1)   Begin from the bhavanga streaming ( Bassed on our characters)
2)   Into our sense( included: eye, ear and idea)
3)   Made our sense pay attention to the event
4)   Into our Javana weakly
5)   Out to registered citta and Defined citta

This thought has moved from Anu-raja ( 1,2,3,4) to Rough citta(5)and faded away in 17 Ksana citta

Rule of how an ideology can create karma

1) One ideology will create karma if its strong enough, means from (2,3,4,5)
2) One ideology will not create karma if it’s not strong enough, means (1)
To unloose and get the knowledge and experience of nirvana, we need to bring the Pure to Bhavanga streaming and overcome it to get an unperturbed mind and appana (An chỉ) (Please correct me for this word)

 Definition of Bhavanga streaming

It’s the beginning Anu-raja mind. Bhavanga is always and continuously shaking and it’s very difficult to stop. Bhavanga was created from a last thought when we died at our before-life. Because of Bhavanga, it silently let us love who, hate who, and press us down in karma.
Thus, there are enough reasons for us to walk by our own feet through the middle path from the Avijja land to the [i]Samma Samadhi[/i] land. This path is not for the genius, but for those who work hard. Let’s those who is curious know what and how to unloose and get the knowledge of nirvana.


- Kasina: An object which practicioner try to visualize during meditating session
- Citta: mind
- Anu-raja:  very small, subtle part of mind. It is used in the sense of a molecule seven times larger than an atom
- Ksana:  a very short moment of time
- Avijja: Ignorance-Stupidity-Delusion
- Samma Samadhi: right concentration

Tiêu đề: Samma Samadhi on a Kasina- Chánh định trên đề mục
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 18, 2012, 02:35:09 AM
Samma Samadhi on a Kasina

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm)
To be continued  ;D ;D ;D

Tiêu đề: Rupa jhana mediating_ Chứng và đắc thiền hữu sắc
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 18, 2012, 02:43:31 AM
Rupa jhana mediating

Souce: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm#HuuSac (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm#HuuSac)

Use your breath to relax and clear your mind of your daily job. Light up a flame in a dark room and look at this subject by your open eye for two seconds. Then close your eye, try to imagine a flame in front of you.

1)   When a flame doesn’t appear yet, calling in your mind: Tejo (fire)… tejo… tejo… (Spacing one second at a time).
2)   When a flame appears, calling in your mind: Tejo1 … tejo2… tejo3 (spacing one second at a time).
3)   When a flame appear 1st time, practitioner lost his/her feeling on body
4)   Try to relax, don’t be rush, don’t be competitive
5)   If you meet obstruction, your should come back to Ksamayati and try to keep your sila as carefully as possible
6)   When reaching samma Samadhi at Third jahna, you will feel that something is right.
7)   If not, practitioner will be haunted by a ghost, and anything they see is what a ghost gave to them, after that you will be controlled by ghost.
8 )   If you afraid, don’t be afraid of your fear
9)   Use this: Samma Hetu will lead to samma Phala to suppress the fear ( Good cause will lead to good consequence)

Proof ( chứng): Only go into the samma Samadhi for some times, practitioner does not feel  liberating

Complete: Can into and out of samma Samadhi as long as he wants, practitioner feels liberating

        First Jhana meditation: Keep the kasina in 12 seconds.

-   At this level, practitioners lose feeling of angriness, fear and doubt about the mediating technique.

The citta before always bustles, now only have 5 matters:

-   Vitakko( only seeking kasina)
-   Keeping up the kasina as long as possible from 1 to 12th count
-   Joy( happy when thinking, smile on face because of the detachment with desires)
-   Joy and happiness( very lightly on body)
-   Focusing of mind

Second Jhana meditation: Keep the kasina from 12s to 40 seconds.

       As a result, your desire, angriness and ignorant fade away

The citta now has 4 matters:
-   Keeping up the kasina as long as possible from 12 to 40th count
-   Joy
-   Joy and happiness
-   Focusing of mind( kasina now sparkling)

Mental process: Afraid of losing kasina. If mindfulness,  kasina becomes smaller and keep still.

Third Jhana meditation: Keep the kasina from 40 seconds to 70 seconds.

-   The above result become stronger

The citta now has 3 matters:
-   Joy
-   Joy and happiness
-   Focusing of mind( kasina now sparkling and the light fired to practitioners’ view

At this level, you may feel compression on chest because of the Bhavanga releasion. You should stop and try self protection technique carefully.

If mindfulness: Keep kasina at certain time and try to change to different kasina. This will be mentioned clearly at 4th jhana part.
As such, practitioner knows Purification has come to Bhavanga, so he/she will feel a vibration even very slightly but make him/her feel disturbed/annoyed and wants to be out of Samadhi. If practitioner has this feeling, he/she must immediately change to different kasina.

Fourth Jhana meditation: From 70 seconds onward.

A feeling of desire, angriness and ignorance almost end at this Jhana  level.

The citta now has 2 matters:
-   Joy and happiness
-   Focusing of mind

Now, practitioner tries to endure a dazzling light of kasina and keep kasina as long as possible. After that, CHANGE TO DIFFERENT KASINA: Visualize a 3D blue/green ball with 3cm diameter (the green color will make his/her citta less vibrated) . After a 3D blue/green ball kasina appeared easily,  make it smaller by turn it couter clockwise and at the same time  focus on a ball’s center and don’t be disturbed by what is around this ball- kasina, the ball will become smaller by itself.

After completing these 2 above process (visualize a 3D blue/green ball and make it smaller), try to repeat the whole process but now with 3D red, golden and white ball, step by step.

NOTE: Don’t let the kasina disappear by itself, but you need to make it smaller right after it appeared clearly at certain period (means when the ball body a little bit transparent)

Suddenly, practitioner feel like a kind of “being drooping down” (the same as when an airplane goes through turbulence): A huge, shiny, clean and clear space is now opening up in front of your sight. Now, you know you are at the Vehapphala heaven( the first heaven of fourth jhana heaven)
Now, the practicing seems to be easier. Next step is to prevent the current Apanna from sinking into Bhavanga streaming.

Visualize a screen of TV (3” by 4”) or (9 cm by 12 cm) keep this screen as clear as possible, and as shiny as possible and your mind repeat : Prepare… one after the other….Close practice... Change character… apanna…. Apanna….. apanna….. until you feel a little bit oppressed, then lower the practicing intensity. Try to repeat this step time by time, and then you can walk to Vipassana.

 At this period, practitioner always has a mistake of too rushing, so this time don’t step on this mistake again, you need to be patient, don’t be hesitated.


Rupa: Buddhist concept of material form, including both the body and external matter.
Ksamayati: To repent or regret for error and seek forgiveness, or to ask for pardon.
Hetu: Cause, reason
Samma: Good
Phala: Consequence
Kasina: Object for mediating
Vitakko: investigation, seeking
Apanna: absorption concentration
Vipassana:  insight meditation of Theravada

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: juicy trong Tháng Bảy 26, 2012, 07:17:15 PM
Vajra samadhi mudra

This mudra( like the Ok signal) is called the Vajra Samadhi one hand mudra. You put your index finger touch the thumb and make it liked the circle, others finger rest normally.



Vajra Samadhi  two hand mudra: Practitioner who has strong mind power should use this two hand mudra because it will be more suitable for them
-   The right hand makes a Amrta mudra: Ring finger touch the thumb to make a circle,  other fingers rest normally


-   The left hand makes a Bhaisajya mudra: the middle finger touch the thumb to make a circle, other fingers rest normally
-   Two hands face upward, fingers point to each other.
-   Practitioner slowly pushes the two hands close to each others. Normally, left and right hand side fingers  will be automatically interposed

-   The final step is to release the two circle you made above( at the left and right hand) and lets the thumb fingertips touched each other, lying on the index finger


-   With this condition, the right hand index finger will lye on the the left hand index finger. The right hand middle finger will lye below the left hand middle finger, etc.
-   When doing  Vajra Samadhi mudra, 2 hands touch like you are clipping a smoking paper.
-   You should read this instruction carefully and slowly and do it step by step

Release mudra:
Still holding your mudra and touch this mudra to your head skin before releasing it.
With higher mediating level ( from the Third Jhana upwards) , practitioners should visualize the image of an egg with gold color. Inside this egg has a human being (this is you), who is holding the mudra and do self protection as describes above. This self protection helps practitioners a lot by protecting his/her nimbus. Each time a human being( that’s you visualize inside an golden egg) uses the mudra touch 6 parts of his/her body, the whole image of an egg will sparkle. Base on the strength of sparkling, practitioners understand how safety he gets with self protection.

My roommate is a nursing student. I might get some helps with the anatomy terminologies ;D We might be able to describe them, but with the exact term it might be much easier for the westerners to understand it.

Also, what sources do you guys use for Buddism terminologies? To a person who doesn't have close connection with Buddism, should we have some way of discussing common terms in pure English? We can use those as appendix to the main contents. For some westerners, reading these translations might be the same as reading a foreign language thread with so many Buddism terms, I guess ;D

TL or RC, let me know what parts that you're working on now and what part should I prioritize in translating (since you for sure know better than me :D). I'll try my best, and I volunteer you guys to proof-read those 'cos I have no clue of Buddism terms :">

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: rancon trong Tháng Bảy 26, 2012, 09:14:11 PM
Im supposed to work onTinh Do but Im taking a break due to my health issue. I think TL will go on and comeplete the Guide.

What I do is google Từ điển phật học anh việt and have found some from google, I will post links when Im home. I think you can use the sankrit terms then footnote explanation at theen of your finish work maybe?

We can always crosscheck each other's work, that's for sure :) Mine is never flawless hehehe

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Bảy 27, 2012, 08:10:11 PM
@Juicy: Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. Please correct any wrong grammar/words that I used ;D

As RC said, we can use sankrit terms and also have a footnote for explanation

I used this source : http://quangduc.com/tudien/tdphathoc/tdphthienphucVA-d.html. (http://quangduc.com/tudien/tdphathoc/tdphthienphucVA-d.html.)

RC is translating pure land, I'm doing practicing guidline, Rua Bien is doing Thang Tri. For you, you can choose which part ( the main homepage)  is most suitable to translate, but I think you should do Theraveda Meditation( Như Lai Thiền) and follow this link to register:

http://www.hoasentrenda.com/smf/index.php?topic=9284.msg37940;boardseen#new (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/smf/index.php?topic=9284.msg37940;boardseen#new)


Tiêu đề: Dibbacakkhu- Màn tivi
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Tám 04, 2012, 08:44:37 PM

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm#ManTV (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm#ManTV)

Keep this huge, shiny clean and clear space as long as possible in your sight.  repeat “appana.. appana.. appana (spacing 1 second at a time)... Until you feel your breath slow down. Keep this feeling harder and harder until you are on the edge... Now, try to visualize a screen of TV (3” by 4”) or (9 cm by 12 cm) keep this screen as clear as possible, and as shiny as possible...
About the color:  Depend on how depth your Samadhi is, the color should be different as followed: grey-black, grey, yellow dotted, yellow, and finally white like an egg. This white color is very special because when you see the white color, you can see the depth of your TV.
Your mind strength will depend on your visualize/ Samadhi ability. The stronger your mind is, the visualization inside your TV will be clearer, more detail and very lively.

Tiêu đề: 5 Supernatural powers - Tu tập thần thông
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Tám 05, 2012, 11:02:45 PM
Source: http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm#ThanThong (http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/ChanhDinh.htm#ThanThong)

5 Supernatural powers

When practitioner reaches 4th jhana, he/she can come to practice the Abhijna. Here, practitioner nearly comes to the final purpose of Buddhism, but nothing about Buddha Dharma.  However, with continuously effort, practitioner can have 5 Supernatural powers.
1.   Dibba-cakkhu: Visualize a TV, keep it transparent and stable, put attention to whatever scene( should choose a scene near your staying, so you can check  the accuracy after mediating session)
2.   Dibba-sota: Visualize a TV, keep it transparent and stable, put attention to your whomever friend and listen to what he is saying right now. Immediately, you can hear his voice thorough your head. Remember to check so you can avoid illusion
3.   Ceto-pariya-nana: Visualize a TV, keep it transparent and stable, put attention to your whomever friend and see what he is thinking right now. Immediately, you can know his thought run through your head. Remember to check so you can avoid illusion
4.   Pubbe-nivasanus-sati: Visualize a TV, keep it transparent and stable, put attention to your past life, right away you can see what you are doing inside your TV. Then, you put attention to what you are doing when you were 3 years old, 1 year old, 0 year old…Now, ask a question: “Anything else? “ to see what is next.  Remember to keep you Sila well to make sure your TV is accurate.
5.   Iddhi-vidha: Before the experience, put some flour on disk; put this disk on a table at your living room. Now, you stay in your mediation room, reach 4th jhana, visualize a TV, keep it transparent and stable, and put attention to where you put this disk and your intention to come to that place and put your hand on the disk. Right away, inside your TV, you see “you” in front of the disk and put your hand on this disk. Now, after out of your Samadhi, you come to see whether your hand print is on the disk or not. Remember to ask other person check for you, to avoid the illusion.

Now, when reaching this level and also until he/she come to Naivasamjnanasamjnayatana , practitioners still be considered as Paganism(Heterodox way or doctrine). Now, practitioners can see his/ her 40 past lives, and because of Paganism; he/she can’t see the 41st . So horrible because you now know you still be controlled by the Paganism and so sublime the Buddha is. Only when practitioner reaches Nirodha Samapatti, he/she is not considered as Paganism. After 7 times into Nirodha Samapatti stages, practitioner attains Pratyeka-buddha.

There is other shorter way to the Truth and this ways is rarely to attain because not many people can be successful when using it.  It’s: when talking about dharma, suddenly because of the story, mind of practitioner stops oscillating, and if keeping it for quite a time, he/she can reach arhat stage without practicing kasina and thorough jhana.

 We need to be very careful when meeting the bad monks and mustn’t follow their ways. They are different from the paganism monks, who are not reaching their final stages, but still on way of practicing. So, don’t be immediately say and call them (paganism monks) bad words because even paganism or not, we still haven’t reach this stage, we are still in Avijjasava and worse than those who are paganism, because they are practicing but we are not.


Dibba-cakkhu:  Ability to see without hindrances. Ability to see beings vanishing and reappearing, low and noble ones, beautiful and ugly ones, seeing beings are reappearing according to their deeds

Dibba-sota: Hearing to any distance—Ability to hear  sound both heavenly and human, far and near.

Ceto-pariya-nana: Penetrating men’s thoughts—Ability to know the minds of other beings, by penetrating them with one’s own mind.

Pubbe-nivasanus-sati: Knowing their state and antecedents—Ability to remember former existences, may be from one to five or even to hundred or thousand births

Iddhi-vidha: Taking any form at will—Ability to pass through walls and mountains, just as if through the air
Paganism :Heterodox way or doctrine

Pratyeka-buddha: Who are enlightened in the twelve nidanas (Thập nhị nhân duyên); however, the objective is personal salvation or own enlightenment.

Nirodha Samapatti: A  samadhi in which there is complete extinction of sensation and thought, one of the highest form of meditation (kenosis), resulting from concentration.


Avijjasava: The defilements of ignorance in mind.

Naivasamjnanasamjnayatana : The state of neither thinking nor not thinking

Tiêu đề: Arùpa and the practice guideline
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Mười 02, 2012, 08:46:20 PM
Arùpa and the practice guideline

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/VoSac.htm (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/VoSac.htm)
That's five completely different mentalities: I cannot explain thoroughly ... unless you reach there because: Speech, writing is only part of it, only when you achieve it and then you can understand fully

1. Àkàsanantyàyatana:The emptiness has no boundaries. You feel like you yourself spread out unlimited
2. Ijnànànatyàyatana: Consciousness has nothing inside. This is a clearly feeling that “ it” spread out widely, greatly and unlimited
3. Akincanyà- yatana: Nothing belongs to yourself and you has a feeling that it spread out widely, greatly and unlimited
4. Naivasamjnànasamjnàyatana: It’s not true if you say at this state you have thoughts or you don’t have thought. At the same time, you have a feeling of unlimited depth and width.
5. Immateriality: Anatta, pure and quiet

Condition: In and out of the fourth Jhana easily
Kasina: Close your eyes 100% and Visualize a small white dot like this (.)
Procedures: This tiny white dot (the smaller the better) after skillful practitioner spending some times for trial, now is able to emit light. These light rays increasingly bright and increasingly spreading out, and gradually occupied the space (black) - immense and vast. After spreading to a certain extent, these rays are stopped and cannot spread out any further. Next step, these light rays change into colors of the rainbow. Further description of these colors: The color is not limited to its distinct and they glaze over, at the same time gradually shifted from one color to another color (like a change of color in the rainbow.)

Note: During time practicing in Form state, practitioners sometimes also occurred colorful space scenes. But it's not like colors of the rainbow which we meet during formless state, but it has clearly boundaries, this reflection is because of anger mind.
The first heaven of formless state is Àkàsanantyàyatana: Reaching this heaven, practitioners can have feeling of some beings. An example: NP (a son of my neighbor) was 13 years old, when it he reached this stage, he concentrated his mind on a chili tree; he knew that this tree is thirsty! And when he picked a chili, he knew that the tree was hurting. DP (his sister) is also reached this heaven and when she paid attention to me( Tibu), at that time- I’m having pain on my nerves, she also got pain on her nerves, too.

Thus the feeling of practitioner is no longer limited to his/her body, but it can also be spread to the ... no borders. Due to this characteristic, we call this stage: The infinitive-   Àkàsanantyàyatana
2. Ijnànànatyàyatana:
Enter this stage is a big problem.  Because of the color distraction; practitioners feel it’s very difficult to focus on a place where the star has turned on, but now disappeared. However, with effort and perseverance, he then can do it. This time, practitioners will see that the whole space is now dyed by the color (like a rainbow).

As a result, one can read other thoughts easily. For example: My neighbor’s girl, after entering Ijnànànatyàyatana :"They can talk to each other by ... Telepathy. Outsiders cannot hear and did not understand anything. They only see these kids shook and nod heads, just like we are watching silent movie.
3. Akincanyà- yatana:
Practitioners put attention to the place of re- appeared star, suddenly the space turn to totally black, however practitioners still feel the greatness of space. As a result, practitioners can feel the pain of others and read others’ mind.
Human beings have two part: physical body and thought; now with this mediating level, practitioners can break the border between these two parts.These two are spreading out endlessly, both no longer belong to him/herself so that it is called: Akincanyà- yatana or Unknown Land
4. Naivasamjnànasamjnàyatana:
Practitioners continue put attention to the point, then the space continuously become much wider and black.
Result: The silence of thought remains as long as she/he wants. Immature and subtle mind now is controlled by the jhana.  Practitioners feel like they are reaching the final purpose. If and only if.... practitioners really concentrate on this purity, he/she suddenly realize:
- This is a very high standard purity; the breath has been stopped (if he/she fall into deepest of Naivasamjnànasamjnàyatana)
- However, the brain still working. Thus, practitioners’ ego still remains as strong as it was.
Arùpa : Formless

Tiêu đề: Vispassana(Minh Sat Tue ) and Nidro Samapatti(Diet tho tuong dinh)
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Mười Hai 04, 2012, 11:27:40 PM
Source: http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/MinhSatTue.htm (http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/MinhSatTue.htm)

Thank you Su Tu for helping me correcting some irrelevant words and grammar ;D ;D ;D

It is a wisdom of contemplating oneself or attaining and proving this statement: "THIS BODY IS NOT ME, THIS SPIRIT IS NOT ME, THIS PERCEPTION IS NOT ME".

Developing from FIRST to FORTH JHANA (using a Kasina), then visualizing a TV screen in boiled-egg-white color, keeping it as long as possible. Reciting in mind: TRANQUIL, TRANQUIL... until feeling REALLY SUFFOCATED (choked). At that second, trying to recite one more DECISIVE thought: TRANQUIL!
Practitioner will see his/her own image on “TV screen”. Here, practitioner feels very STRANGE about that image: Don't know WHO is that? Don't know WHAT is his/her name?
If thinking about the EARTH, having a feeling: Not even one time, I have been born there!


To reach the first state of Nirodha Samapatti, practitioner uses the "TRANQUIL" thought in Fourth Rupa Jhana:

When the "TRANQUIL" state affects adversely right on practitioner's body, practitioner will be having… suffocated feeling.

Comments: This phenomenon is very normal really, because: Buddhas said that "As mind is tranquil, scenery is tranquil too". Because of breathing noises are still happening, so according to the right meaning of "TRANQUIL" word, he/she in fact is still... oscillating Grin Grin Grin. So, as entering into the Fourth Rupa Jhana, mental power is very strong, then reciting "TRANQUIL" thought, its first job will be affecting his/her breath.

With "BRAVE" characteristic of a person who vowed that: death, or else victory: Now, I set my mind on following His (Shakyamuni Buddha) path, so regardless of this suffocattion. After reading, practitioner has to fight with the suffocattion and trying to recite successfully the last "TRANQUIL" thought in this greatest Appana Samadhi:

Because of this greatest Appana Samadhi plus that "TRANQUIL" thought: practitioner could forget his/her body and... enter into "Bhutatathata" through:

***The View***
Next phenomenon is:
Practitioner has become ***The View*** seeing an image of a man that is sitting cross-legged in an upright frame. Facing the image of this man, ***The View*** has a feeling that having seen him somewhere but don't know where is it, this doubtful and familiar feeling is really weird :-). When looking at this image, ***The View*** should... understand that this man looks quite dumb and foolish and not ...very normal  Grin Grin Grin.

When paying attention to the Earth, a perception goes through his/her head from right half to left half of the brain as following: Not even one time, I have been born there!!!

All Buddhas of ten directions don't accept any "ACCIDENTAL" situation. Therefore, Entering into Nirodha Samapatti must have enough following requirements:
1. Mental power must be strong, which means that stage of Appana Samadhi must be the Fourth Rupa Jhana. This mental power is proven through 5 supernormal powers that he/she could pratice.
2. Intention of Mukti (liberation) must be the final destination to go to, unless seeking and nurturing ways to implement this intention, "Never LIBERATION happens" even though practicing... Buddhism.
3. Methods to enter into Nirodha Samapatti must be learned by heart
4. Practitioner must understand that when reaching that stage, breath will be stopped. Therefore, must fight till death with this... little breath sand.
5. They are only human beings and have done it, so do I. Just uneven methods, Now I know the methods, only practicing to do, no more talking.
Just like knowing swimming, since that moment, if being thrown into water, will start swimming right now. Never forget. All the stages of samadhi are still there, once having developed. The only special is that after LIBERATION gained, the thought flashed left right in my head as following: "Practicing is accomplished, learning is completed, I do my work".

The purpose of BUDDHISTS: From now on, the buddist has walked on the NOBLE PATH. The previous part is just HEAVEN PATH or also called IMPROPER PATH or incompletely practiced path.

If entering into:    1 (one) time (Sotapatti)
2 (two) times (Sakadagami)
4 (four) times (Anagami)
7 (seven) times (Arahantship)

Similar to VIPASSANA, but when feeling REALLY SUFFOCATED, trying to recite one of three MUDRAS (seals):
2. PHENOMENA (Dharma): NON-EGO (impersonal)
Or: SUFFERING, IMPERMANENCE, NON-EGO (Dukkha, Anicca, and Anatta). Will enter into.

In there, if practitioner has a perception of one thing or any single person: practitioner will BE IT, by: practitioner WEARS ITS BODY and has its special SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS. If don't want to continue practicing, so stop it. When leaving that stage, practitioner realizes that: HEART and LUNG are both stopped working during ATTAINMENT TO SAINHOOD FRUIT.

Jhana: a developed state of consciousness gained by concentration. See A Manual of Abhidhamma by Narada pp. 64.

The Sotapatti: Stream-Winner – the first stage of Sainthood.
The Sakadagami: Once-Returner – the second stage of Sainthood.
The Anagami: Never-Returner – the third stage of Sainthood.
The Arahant: The Worthy One who is the Perfect Saint – (Arahanship - the last stage of Sainthood).

Five Supernormal Powers: (abhinna or abhijna) - Divine Eye (dibba-cakkhu), Divine Ear (dibba-sota), Reminiscence of Past Births (pubbe-nivasanus-sati-nana), Thought Reading (paracittavij-nana or ceto-pariya-nana), and various Psychic powers (iddhi­vidha).

Nirodha Samapatti: “attainment of extinction”, or “attainment to cessation”. See A Manual of Abhidhamma by Narada Thera pp. 485.

Vipassana: Insight or Intuitive vision - A Buddhist system of meditation practiced in the Theravada. See The Buddha and His Teaching by Narada pp. 485 or A Manual of Abhidhamma by Narada pp. 64.

Bhutatathata: Dharmakaya or Ultimate - The reality of all things, or all things in their real aspect, i.e. the reality beneath all things.

Appana Samadhi: Attainment or ecstatic concentration.

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline- Enlightenment
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Tư 17, 2013, 09:12:07 PM

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/MinhSatTue.htm#NhapLuu (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/MinhSatTue.htm#NhapLuu)

Often be mentioned a lot in the literature of Zen, but few know essentially how it is: Based on what the master say someone is enlightened, others not? When practitioner has ability to be enlightened? So when the master gives Zen practitioner a koan? What expression when someone is enlightened?

Here is the judgment and experience of the man he has turned enlightenment, so you can choose to follow or not
1. When practitioner has ability to be enlightened?

When practitioner reaches 2nd Jhana, at that time, practitioner  meticulously temporarily stop and switch to one of the following two questions( or 2 koans)
a. Buddha nature is everywhere, but why I do not know?
b. Everything is to be one( all the same), why I do not know?
2. What expression when someone is enlightened?

While mediating with these above thought, suddenly practitioner has feeling like he/she is dissolving or disappear and he/she may think that he/she is all over everywhere, even the feeling is very lightly but effects are intense on the body with evidence the body may be in ecstasy/drowsiness for  24 hours

Let’s say it again CAREFULLY: The time being enlightened will not happen during mediating session, but normally in normal life when  practitioner is living with his/her normal activities(when going, standing, lying, sitting). When practitioner is in enlightenment, he/she will go through a process temporary called: Reset Process! This means that the nerve currently is operating under karma. Once being enlightened, the nerve system of the practitioner will vibrate to instill the truth which he only tasted within a “blink of an eye” moment. The vibration of the nerve system will make practitioners feeling dizzy during 24 hours from the time being enlightened. 

AND Base on what the Master say someone is being enlightened or not?

Based countless miracle and supernatural ability with calm, the Master see immediately see in middle of practitioner’s chest has a 10cm diameter agonist with bright YELLOW color! And he said right away, without any hesitation in truthful:

"THIS IS YOU, YOU have been enlightened! But I have a duty to remind you that: You are stiill a far AWAY FROM BUDDHA! Just like you just got certification of over illiteracy, but this is granted to you in terms of spirituality.

Remind: If when mediating you see  left eye, flower, crawling people, mediating people without the lotus,  HEAR THE VOICES s, feeling stress on chest, smelling the scent .... in an unexpected and sudden way. YOU MUST STOP RIGHT AWAY, and return to self protection technique. If not you are being controlled by outsiders in spirit world.

Note: My experience is: The most probability practitioners can enter enlightenment is when at 2nd Jhana : when kasina appeared and practitioners worry of losing it.

Koan: In Zen a koan is a formulation, in baffling language, pointing to the ultimate truth. Koans cannot be solved by recourse to logical reasoning, but only by awakening a deeper level of the mind beyond the discursive intellect.

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline- Contemplating the Impermanence
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Tám 16, 2013, 08:51:39 PM
“ My doctrine is not for anyone to believe, but to practice”
Shakyamuni Buddha

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm)

Contemplating the Impermanence

Focus on an idea to create a scene of the Impermanence: A grave. When this imagination appears as real right in front of your eye, then practitioner continue to contemplate about the harsh truth:
 “ I myself also must go down into this grave, my company, lover, family, children and any property also go into this grave”
Effect: If you can imagine these above, then practitioner will feel indifferently when something happened to his/her daily life. When having this kind of consciousness,  practitioner waits until it ripens after going through three stages: watering, fulfilling, and abundant. When it reaches the abundant stage, an image of a grave lastly turns into a bright yellow lotus with exactly five petals.
For one practicing Pureland: With this 5 petals – lotus, practitioner recites this following: Namo Amitabha Buddha or Om, Amitabha Hrih Svaha, then he/she will suddenly enter the pure land. Please try and see it.

Contemplating the Death
This is rated R, just for significant practitioner who can bear it. In Tantra, there is a picture of Vajra Vajra god who is making love with a female Vajra Vajra. The number of people who misunderstood this picture is much and they think they are so great that they can do it, then a result is: Every night, master find his followers to have sex.

When meeting an opposite gender, please don’t see
If accidently see, then don’t say anything
If accidently say, then please use the right mindfulness.

Right mindfulness also depends on different kind of people. For me, I must contemplate the death. Another way, just considers these opposite gender ones as your family members.

The danger of this contemplating is: When you see someone who is too beautiful/ handsome, you forget the Impermanence of this objective, so as a result, it’s unsuccessfully.

Tiêu đề: Re: Practicing guidline- Contemplating the Four immeasurable
Gửi bởi: Trạng Lồi trong Tháng Tám 19, 2013, 03:11:32 AM
Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanTuBi (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanTuBi)

Contemplating the love and kindness is considered as one of hardest practice.
Saying is easy but doing is very hard.
1.   Close eyes (100%)
2.   Try to imagine face of a girl who u love and who u try to satisfied-> This is easy
3.   Try to imagine face of Sadden Hussen or anybody who u hate the most until this image appearing right in front of your clearly -> this is also easy since you hate that person quite a lot.
4.   Imagine both part 2 and 3 -> two images must be in the same size and equal to each other.
5.   Then let’s pray about love and kindness.

My knowledge by far, I know in Tantra, there is one Buddha called Vairocanabuddha
And also in the one thousand light Book, there is one Buddha called Victorious Fighting Buddha (Dau Chien Thang Phat).
Once, I went to see how look the Victorious Fighting Buddha is and I saw him with Skull stick. I asked him the way he had done to become the Buddha and he replied: My only way to become Buddha is contemplating the Impermanence.  Of course, The Buddhas never read books to have this kind of knowledge, but by using his righteous mediation only.
And there is not any Buddha who is imitating the other Buddha. They have their own character and they all say: I have no one who is my master.

Contemplating the loving-kindness, compassion, empathic joy, equanimity ( or the four immeasurable )

Level: Fourth Jhana

Visualize an image of your love and enemy. Imagine these two right in front of you obviously and clearly.
Until the law has been equal, means the two images appearing in balance, easily; then practitioner try to think about loving-kindness, compassion, emphatic joy, equanimity to one person/object. Afterward, you need to see the changing of this object
Then you need to spread the loving-kindness, compassion, emphatic joy, equanimity to two persons/objects and see the changing of these two ( trees will grow, bloom and have sweet fruit) Or (The one who hate u suddenly be nice to u)

Next step, try to spread the loving-kindness, compassion, empathic joy, equanimity to three  persons/objects and see the changing of these three, then a group of objects and next…as much as possible. Keep practicing this contemplate    

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Contemplating the impurity of the body

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanThanBatTinh (http://www.hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanThanBatTinh)

It’s quite a long time since I have the opportunity to talk about this complicated thing: Desire/ lust. I’m myself quite strong/ energetic, so sex involvement is like a mountain burden for me.

Book saying: To deal with this desire, we should contemplate the impurity in body.
This is also considered as one technique of Bruce Leae, means accordingly we need to attack the enemies before they have enough time to attack us.

Meanwhile, the mind/consciousness needs to solve this problem right from the germ live of this desire. By practicing the habit of thinking about the opposite sex differently

Practicing technique:
1.       Choose the subject:
a.       At the beginning, you should not choose the subject as a very beautiful woman; but an old woman with wrinkles, etc.
b.      Then when u go to the funeral, you should remember that scene.
c.       Lastly, you should  memorize the gravel
After 3 steps like mentioned above (a) (b) (c), you come to the practicing.
2.       Practice:
a.       Laying down on the bed and rewind the 3 scenes,  assemble these 3 scenes into a likely real movie with imagination
Meaning: Let’s the old lady standing there, blur her image and then change to a funeral scene and then a gravel appear.
You can do imagine about this, you are practicing the contemplate which always mentioned in mediating book. You will see the desire disappearing. If not, you need to practice again and again.
Then change a subject from an old lady to a woman with normal looking.
We need to use the subject as an old lady because our mind will let’s her die very easily. If not applicable, then we need to use the subject as a normal looking woman.
As my experience, I know if coming to this step, practitioners will reduce 99% the desire ( a research of 50 practitioners)
b) When u reach first jhana
According to book, when reaching 1st jhana, practitioner will have:
3. Happy
4. Joyful and whole mind

And when reaching 1st Jhana, practitioner will also separated from Desire

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Contemplating the Four Enormous (mahābhūta)

Source: http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanTuDai (http://hoasentrenda.com/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanTuDai)

Eventually, everything will pass away. However, if you want to try and leave precious things in this life, you should sum up the experience of yourself when practicing your  Kasina.
Here is one procedure/techniques which I am (Tibu) fond of:
Contemplating the Four Enormous –mahābhūta (Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind): You can read more about it from this link:
Level: Very difficult (From Fourth Jhana)
Requirement: Mastering (Can mediate the kasina as small or big easily) and effortlessly (can change the kasina without effort).
Duration: 31 minutes
Effects:  Understand more about strength and weakness of practitioner’s body, how to balance your health and please remember to spend your blessing to upgrade your health.
Especially: kasina which is difficult to appear will show you which part of your body has problem

1.   Preparation: 1 minute
2.   Implementing: 30 minutes
-   Enter the fourth Jhana and then into your 3d TV.
-   Contemplating the Earth: Think about it’s the element of Life
-   Contemplating the Water ( a drop of water): Think about it’s the principle of life ( the drop must be sticky)
-   Contemplating the Fire: Think about it’s the factor of Life ( warmth and coldness… how to balance your body)
-   Contemplating the Wind ( Image of a window with curtain blowing in the wind): Think about it’s the expression of life
3.   Return to your breath.
4.   Release mediation

Little monk say Tibu’s way is not very good. They only do it in 2 minutes to complete the whole process.
But to maintain and make the four enormous in balance, it will take around 2 days.
When completing the process, the Little monk’s mother told Tibu that: He looks so healthy, like a new person. Everything is great, no more stomachache, no back pain, no need to massage his back and shoulder…How great it is.
However, the two day of little monk may equal to 1 year of the old ones.
Little monks found new way: Use the four images of the Four Enormous to put in horizontally and then they will adjust through the brightness and order of the Four Enormous. And finally, the Four Enormous will be in same brightness

With this result, our health will be harmonious with sparkling eyes, pinkie face,  and no pain during period.