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Tác giả Chủ đề: The Lock - Thuong Can, Trung Can, Ha Can  (Đọc 3237 lần)
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Translation of Uncle Tibu's writing. Please feel free to correct any grammatically and vocabulary errors. Thanks!
Chià khoá số, và Thượng/Trung/Hạ căn

A few days ago dear daughter and I went to a second hand  market. No money on hand, I watched the Daughter looked at one and picked up another item, and then put them down. Walking around for a while, Tibu saw special a lock, up in a messy shelf. The grey lock had a rubber cover, it's as big as an adult’s fist, weighted almost 1kg (2bls), Master brand! Master is a well known lock brand over here. Looking at the tag, it's only half a dollar. That's  50 cent! Tibu couldn’t be happier cause he had a toy. Brought it home, Ms. Wife’s sister came over, looking at the giant lock, she asked
_Where did this thing come from?
_ From the secondhand market.
_How are you gonna unlock it?
_Well, there's only 10,000 combination. I’ll do it slowly, eventually I’ll get it.
_Crazy! Mad! I don’t know when you can get it open.
_Well, it begins at four 0’s and I’ll do it frequently, then it has to come up with  the right combination.
Ms. Wife get home from work, overhearing the last sentence of the conversation, said:
_You are so crazy, dear. That’s other people’s junk. They have thrown it away, how can you fix it?
_Because they didn’t have a method and enough patience to do it. I will see if I am Premium (thuong can), Average (Trung can), or Under Average (Ha Can).
Both women asked at the same time:
_Opening a lock requires you to be Thuong can, Ha can, Trung can? Please keep your madness down. You are so crazy. Hahahaha
Tibu also laughed.
So Tibu tried 0 0 0 0, and then turned the combination up one by one, turning the knob slowly, at no rush. When tired Tibu would rest, then come back later; when my hand stopped aching I would try again; during my leisure time…
People walking by everyday couldn’t help but laughed at me:
_Crazy! Mad!
_Gosh! What are you going again, Daddy?
_10,000 combinations, when are you gonna find the right one?
3 days later, Ms. Wife was reading newspaper.
The sound of the lock being released.
_Hheheehehe! It's here: 6519. Im Average – Trung Can.
Ms. Wife turned over:
_Cool! So next time at second hand market, if I see one like this, I’ll bring it home for you. Hehehe
She picked the lock up and complemented:
_It's like a safe. You can put keys and other stuff into its body. So convenient! So good!
Then her face got all serious:
_But why only Average?
_Well, when you get the method but only put it aside that’s Stupidity – Ngu can. But if you try to execute and do it at a frequent level then it's like what has happened to this lock:
The last owner had to come up with some kind of a password; it has to be between 0000 and 9999 (so that’s 10,000 numbers). Because I turn it frequently to find out the password is 6519, that number is the the middle of 10,000, that means Im Average. If I would have found a number at the beginning I would be Premium – Thuong can. On the other hand, if I have to turn way more, say 9000 then I would be below average – ha can.
So, Thuong Can, Trung Can, Ha Can are the result of the frequent practice. If you only sit there and talk, and dream…. That’s Stupidity –Ngu Can.
The End
Click here to see Uncle Tibu's Master Lock.  Grin Grin
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