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Nhu Lai Thien (Theravada method)
Wed, 16 Oct 96  (source: http://www.hoasentrenda.com/TapTin/TT4/tt4-1to40/1.htm)

HL: For more information, you can find in sutta: # 119, #120, #122, # 128 in Majjhima nikaya (Trung Bộ Kinh Tập 3). If you have a chance, you can find most information in: “Buddha and His Teaching” (Đức Phật và Phật Pháp do Phạm Kim Khánh dịch) by Narada Thera.

Hiếu thảo làm đầu: First of all, this method is developed for the Human kind. In Buddhism: Human kind differed from all kind of animal by only the way they love their parents especially Mom and Dad. In this subject, Buddha says: We have two kinds of people that we can never render thanks to them. Who are they? Mom and Dad!

Even you bring them on your shoulders and you walk from here to the First degree of Jhana and step by step you bring them to the Fourth Jhana and you come back here. On the way up and down like this: They eat and shit on your shoulders.... But not a word, you feed and make them happy by singing and gently massage them... But still, you can not render thanks to them! Because they born you in the right place so you can easily find the right Path to the liberation. This is an incredible chance! He continuous: At the time where you can not find Buddha, go back to your home and adore your parents that mean you adore Buddha!

In my experience of guiding all my friends, when I meditated in the subject: Can one of my friends attain Nirvana in this incarnation? The answer is NO because this is an ungrateful son by the way of not obey their parents in this day ‘85 at this time ‘85 in this subject ‘85. The answer is always YES: even you kill or rape people but you always obey your parents. This is the Natural Law. You can not meditate if you are not deeply relaxed, or get your mind out of your daily job. The meditation is not for people who talk, eat, sleep, argue... to much.

The Path

At the last moment of Buddha, The Asking Man (Ananda) who watch the breath of Sakyamuni slowing down and finally stop. He asks an anonymous Arahat near by him: Is He die?

This anonymous Arahat, with his “Dharma Eye”, reveals for us the important secret: Not for right now... Our Guru attains easily the First degree of Jhana...  Leaving the First Jhana, He attains the Second Jhana...

Leaving the Second Jhana, He attains the Third Jhana...

Leaving the Third Jhana, He attains the Fourth Jhana...

Leaving the Fourth Jhana, He attains Akasananca-yatana...  

Leaving Akasananca-yatana, He attains Vinnananca-yatana  

Leaving Vinnananca-yatana, He attains Akincanna-yatana.

Leaving Akincanna-yatana, He attains Neva Sanna Nasanna -yatana...

Leaving Neva Sanna Nasanna-yatana, He attains Nirodhi Samapatti... Now leaving Nirodhi Samapatti, He attains Neva Sanna Nasanna-samadhi... leaving Neva Sanna Nasanna-samadhi, He attains Akincanna-samadhi... leaving Akincanna -samadhi, He attains Vinnananca-samadhi...

Leaving Vinnananca-samadhi, He attains Akasananca-samadhi... leaving Akasananca-samadhi, He attains The Fourth Jhana... Leaving the Fourth Jhana, He attains the Third Jhana... leaving the Third Jhana, He attains the Second Jhana... leaving the Second Jhana, He attains the First Jhana... Now, leaving the First Jhana, He attains the Second Jhana...

Leaving the Second Jhana, He attains the Third Jhana...

Leaving the Third Jhana, He attains the Fourth Jhana... and immediately our Guru attains Nirvana.

For the first time I read this, I am fascinated by how precise he (the anonymous Arahat) has to describe step by step a dying Buddha! How he can see that? How he can do that? I see many people die. Just take a closer look at this last time! I always ask many monks (from Mahayana to Therevada): Can you tell me what happens in this body? No one can say a word. I know they are all blind, like us! Looking back to my parents: they are getting older and they will die! How can I help them? Calling a bunch of blind and noisy monks at the last time, like other people? Or stay like this: crying helpless? NO WAY!

By my own way, step by step I find the Path: And this is all my experiences about meditation on Kasina, (do not forget my very bad English to)

The breath

Options: It will help you to relax more and more easily and deeply. Also you can get your mind out of your busy daily job. How? First focus your mind on your feet and make it become warmer only by your thought. In every breath in and breath out, think that your feet become more and more heavy, more and more warm. Now with your breath try to move this warm and comfortable feeling up to your knee, to your thigh, then to your hand and to your whole body tell all your muscle to relax easily. When slowing down your breath, but not too much, stay where you feel comfortable. The breath out (5 time of Om) is longer then breathes in (3 count of Om) and holds your breath in 2 Om. So your formula of your breath is 5-2-3-2. The air come through your noise and ended at your abdomen. Try to imitate the baby breath.

Why the babies breathe? We have two entries (the nose and the mouth) and two place to hold the breath (the lung and the abdomen). Compare to the Ying and Yan power, we also have from the entry: the nose with (+) the mouth (-) to those holding place: The lung with (+) and the abdomen the sign (-). If you combine the nose (+) with the lung (+): You have to much positive energy (+,+) that why you become so nervous. If you combine the nose (+) with the abdomen (-): You become more stable: (+,-) (this is the baby breath). If you breathe with your mouth in either ways: You will be sick, for sure.

How to make a kasina (a subject for meditation)

1. Dirt Kasina: Make a tennis size ball out of clay soil, smooth the surface water and paint it with a light rose color.

2. Water Kasina: Use the water surface in a glass, or a picture of a drop of water.

3. Fire Kasina: Use one flame at a size of your little finger nail.

4. Wind Kasina: Look at window with a thin curtain waving slowly by the wind.

How to choose by yourself a Kasina?

A. Looking at your behaviors:

1. If you are hot, nervous, with fast react, high blood pressure: Choose  Water kasina.

2. If you are calm, slow in react, low blood pressure: A Fire kasina will be the best.

B. By closing your eye just one or two minutes and relax in a dark room:

1. If you see in front of you some kind of blue color: Your Kasina is Fire

2. If this color is orange or nearly red: Your Kasina is Water.

3. If you see a mixing color: Repent (because in your near incarnation, you are some kind of witch)

4. If you see like a fog (gray): Repent (because of your bad actions toward your friends)

5. If you see nothing (black): Repent (because you have a “Don’t care-less mind”)

C. Or following the Yin Yang power, you have:

1. For the first jhana meditation: Dirt Kasina (apo) (Đất)

2. For the second jhana meditation: Water Kasina (pathavi) (Nước)

3. For the third jhana meditation: Fire Kasina (tejo) (Lửa)

4. For the fourth jhana meditation: Wind Kasina (vayo) (Gió)

We recommend A and B because it match with your personality behaviors.

How to meditate (with a Fire Kasina).

Use your breath to relax and clear your mind of your daily job. Light up a flame in a dark room and look at this subject by your open eye for two seconds. Then close your eye, you will see in front of you an image of a flame. This image indicates for you exactly where the vision will appear when you meditate. Well, this image will not longer stay in this spot: It will disappear. Now, you begin your meditation by focusing all your mind in that spot and calling in your mind: Tejo (lửa) tejo tejo (spacing one second at a time). Suddenly, a flame appears in this spot (this is right now the vision of your kasina). Look at this vision very calm and repeat in your mind: tejo 1 (Lửa 1) tejo 2 tejo 3 (one second at a time). If it disappears, try again. When your kasina appear in twelve (12) seconds in your sight you reach the First Jhana Meditation.

Troubleshooting: You become more and more sensible about your environment. Especially in what direction you face at, when you practice meditation on Kasina. In this case: When you sit: You feel as you are tilting... Or you feel waving in the case of “lying down” for meditate...

Solving: Turn clockwise 45 degree on the other direction, until you feel stable, and safe. Keep that direction for the next practice.

A flame appears very clear then suddenly multiply and become and “wild fire”: That symptom indicates in the past: You always “amplified an event” to someone. Like when you lost a little fish you always report to your friend that you lost a BIG FISH like this... A flame appears very clean but tilting: That shows you are “not fair” in your judgment... A dancing flame: That is because you speak around and around a subject: You never go straight. Solving: Do not worry about that! Just focus in the Kasina. Then, all your bad behaviors will go!!! A flame appears in a black and deep sky: In full 3D dimension (stereo vision): This is what we are looking for! Really you are doing a good job! This simple vision indicates that those bad behaviors are almost clear from you! Go ahead, and good luck for the “second jhana meditation”. Something for the prudent meditator: Check out to make sure: You are in:

The First Jhana meditation. When the Kasina appears in a very clean and black deep sky and turns itself to a 3D dimension: Keep this vision as long as possible... Think about: Happy... happy... happy... until you feel that rising in you from your heart... And in a full of good filling like this. Call:

1. Brahma Parisajja: You will see those Angels with a “black cape” (look like our Father in a church). They have long hair: So you never know if they are female or male: Because over here they do not have sex together!!!

2. Brahma Purohita: They are bigger than the first one, and their capes are more new and more shiny, same long hair.

3. Maha Brahma: The tallest, happiest of all: Because of the highest step of meditation of them... Their capes are shining like silk.

The Second Jhana Meditation.

Keeping up (Tứ): The kasina appear easily and emit a kind of yellow light around it and stay to 12 from 40 time of counting. Happy (Hỷ lạc): Now you can smile on this feeling: Of course, more than before... (same technical for developing)... Feeling light (Khinh An): “as leather”... Focusing of mind (Nhất Tâm): Kasina emit more and more light around it, sometime it becomes smaller and especially farther than it looks like in the first jhana... But remember even, at that far kasina is very clear and easier to focus. For sure, you become more sensible... (Referred at all the technical from “Troubleshooting”... to “A flame appears in a black and deep sky: In full 3D dimension (stereo vision)”... in the first jhana meditation. (Remember: The kasina, at this time always emit light around it).

Options: In doing those technical again: You become more and more good, nice... All your enemy (if you have one) say: Hi! to you, Your influence in your family is great! No more argue, You live in peace... The more you practice the more those good influences are great! This is the most happiness I ever have when I reached this level. Then the kasina sometime emit a kind of “Sparkling light”: You are ready for the next level of meditation... But we have something more to check for the “prudent meditator”. Check this out before you leave: Keep this 3D kasina with a powerful emitting light as long as possible, then call those names:

1. Parittabha: (Spacing 1 second at a time) you will see those angels can emit a little light around them. Their long capes are yellow and when you “look around”, you will see even the cloud is yellow to... Beautiful and peaceful are every where...

2. Appamanabha: (Same technical of calling) Yes! They emit more light then the other... More peaceful...

3. Abhassara: They emit and change they colors when they “talk” together and you can know it... How wonderful is this peaceful influence they have!!!

PS: All those names of those angels are the same as the name of “some Leader. (Oh! My English) of in Hinduism “but “they are not the same form: Brahma over here, are not the same as “Brahma” in Hinduism meaning...

The Third Jhana meditation

Happy: Kasina emit a sparkling light. You are always happy. “When, I ‘m just thinking about kasina: I am already Happy, this feeling stay in me...” This revelation comes from Friend Vân in Viet Nam. Feeling “light”: “more than leather” is what I can tell to you for now...  Focusing of mind: This kind of sparkling light is sometime a thousand times compare to the sun, and the Kasina, of course, is very clear with a wonderful 3D.

With a sparkling light, your Kasina stay in your vision from 40 to 70 seconds. The more it stays the more it sparkles. With this simple vision, your “Monkey mind” is reduces nearly at Zero (0). All we have here, is the Bhavanga (see Abhidhammatthasangaha) which we call “the Root of yours behaviors”. This kind of citta is made by all the experiences we accumulate in many, many incarnations ago. This is also the “invisible Boss” that guides you to: do this, do that, hate this, love that... through the infinity of life and death. Again, it explained for us: Why we hate this guy when we just see him for the first time... Something for a prudent meditator: With a very clean 3D and sparkling kasina, now you can keep it in your vision very easily from 40 to 70 seconds, then call those Angel’s names:

1. Parittasubha: Those Angels have a little sparkling light, they wear yellow shiny carp.

2. Appamanasubha: Their sparkling lights are more steady and bigger.

3. Subhakinha: Their sparkling lights are beautiful, bigger and steady

Now, begin “the Olympic game” between: “You” and “your Bhavangha” and in Buddhism meaning: You must “Be The Winner”...

Preparation for the “Big Game”

Follow Sila word by word. Don’t do any mistake. Stay away of all the trouble. Do not speak too much. Just relax and have a good time for one week. Think about the “need to be done” because of your family, then your Friends. They still do not know of anything about that. They need you... Repent again. (In this level it very easy for you to have a vision of a Buddha in front of you...) Do not forget to be Pious with yours parents... This is what differs from the “man kind” to “the animal kind”. Now, it’s time! When you reach the Third Jhana meditation by your favorite kasina, keep it up to 70 seconds or more... Then, change the subjects of meditation, like this:

(1) Change your Kasina to a blue ball (3D, of course) big like your thumbnail. Keep it in your sight for 70 seconds, then make it become smaller by focusing in the center of the ball (In 70 seconds). That ball becomes that size: (o) (real size).

2) Change this blue ball to a red (blood red) one, use the same technique on the number (1), make it become smaller...

3) Then repeat this technique, but with a green one...

4) Then, a white or yellow one..

Tip: Remember, keep those Kasina at least 70 seconds in your sight. And please, follow this order of colors. Why do we do that? For increasing the power of concentration for “flying” in to the Fourth Jhana meditation, this is some kind of Gold Medal in the Olympic Game...

Difficulties: A lots!

Troubleshooting: Suddenly you feel like “the falling of an air plane when it goes through a turbulence”. Suddenly, it looks like: “you are standing somewhere in your room”! Do not worry; you are on the right Path, keep going... After several practices: A huge shiny space opens suddenly in your sight; this is what we are looking for... You are in the Fourth Jhana Meditation. Because of the different of Karma in different people, it almost impossible to describe all the troubleshooting but here are some more: You see “yourself sitting in your room”: Bad new, your Anahata chakra is widely open... And by this way, the soul goes out, result: You can hardly reach the higher level. But do not worry, One “Big boddhisatva” in around here to help you: Manjury Boddhisatva...

Self protection (Hộ Thân):

a) Tool: Using a kind of “Self Protect” mudra, and a mantra: Om, tri yim! or: Om cilihyim! or: Om, Sram! I will mail to your private mail if you need (because we need a picture to show the right way. (I use Paintbrush in window 95) So... if not I can mail for you by ordinary way.

b) Effect: By using this “tool” in the right way: Your Anahata chakra is closed, and you are safe of all trouble. By the way, this event tells you that, you are able to become “a good Tantrism practitioner” in a near future. When the huge and shiny space is open in your sight and you see a yellow thing look like a “Ginseng” rising in this area from the bottom. Bad new: Your Anahata chakra is not enough closed... Solving: Reuse the “Self protect tool” (a) several times and you are safe... Don’t worry... You feel as you can not focus in the kasina any more, because of a subtle waving feeling when the Kasina become sparkling... Solving: Good new! The reason is: You can feel the subtle waving of your Bhavanga and that make you nervous... Use “the changing Kasina tool” and you are safe... You feel a kind of pressure on your chest (Anahata chakra area): Your Anahata chakra is widely open. Solving: Use the “Self Protect tool”, this is a normal feeling of “a Third Jhana practitioner”... You will be safe...

The Fourth Jhana meditation:

After changing all those Kasina with a kind of “being drooping down” (the same as when an airplane goes through a turbulence): A huge, shiny, clean and clear space is opening in front of your sight... You know that you are in the Fourth Jhana meditation! You have many, many options: you can develop all the five supernormal powers. And the most important thing of all is: You can practice effectively “Vipassana” in a very easy way.

Abhinna (five supernormal powers): Warning: Those abhinna are look like a homework (in Buddhism meaning) this is not “a must be learn”...because some Arhat go directly without those abhinna, but normally 70% go this way... it’s up to you!!!

Warning: Learning of Abhinna is made for a “PIOUS” meditator only, if not: You will see “sexual scene” because you don’t have the right “password”, and that will stop you for almost 10 incarnations... Warning: The right Abhinna is only for the “SILA” meditator only, if not: You will be disturbed by MARA, and you become of course a Mara. That stop you for “a long time”... so Once again, follow “Sila” word by word: Because, sila is the react of a Buddha in different situation, by this way: This is “an option” for all good meditators...

Warning: Those abhinna are “tools”... They are developed “TO SERVE” and never to “Demonstrate as in a circus”...: If not you are in the influence of Mara... That stops you for “a long time”...

Warning: Those abhinna are never for a “selfish meditator”, It never work because you don’t have the right “password”. And only you can make you become “No selfish”. We don’t have any Mudra, any mantra, any Guru to help you... Except YOU! A powerful “flashing light” will reject you, with “a fear to death” like this: You can not go far.... That happens in all the step in meditation...

Solving: Always say “Yes” for all request until you get hurt... this is my experience to fight again my “selfish”...


This is the way to prove yourself that you are “Chief of your mind”: once again: this is only for whom follow Sila “word by word”... there are no way to move back: So be very careful and: Please, be well prepared... Any way, for all good meditators: GO!

Dibbacakkhu: Keep this huge, shiny clean and clear space as long as possible in your sight.  repeat “appana.. appana.. appana (spacing 1 second at a time)... Until you feel your breath slow down. Keep this feeling harder and harder until you are on the edge... Now, try to vision a screen of TV (3” by 4”) or (9 cm by 12 cm) keep this screen as clear as possible, and as shiny as possible...

Experiment: throw a penny under a news paper... try to locate where it is?


Focus in the screen: you’ll see it “lying down” (|____| ) and just ask by thinking: Where is the penny?... by the screen you can locate easily... Now, chose a very close friend... by the screen ask (by thinking): is he there when I come to his house?... Go check it out by yourself: You’ll see exactly where he is... What he’s doing... all is in your screen and exactly of 100%! But this time when you try again an other experiment: Suddenly, the screen change the position: It “stand up” and a Dharmapada suddenly appear and Warn you, how to use it in the “Right way”, properly I mean... This is a kind of security... Don’t worrỵ… Just don’t abuse it! If not, just a powerful flashing light and you can not do it any more and this for 10 incarnations... This the ruler... so...

Vipassana (Quán Chiếu qua trí tuệ)

Vipassana on: N’etam mama, Nesóham-asmi, Namesoatta. With my bad English I understand like this: This soul is not me, this “mind” is not me, This body is not me... How to do vipassana in the right way? Only when you reach the fourth jhana meditation...

But how?

With a kasina reach the Fourth Jhana meditation, (remember that huge clean and clear space opening in your sight?)... Now, try to vision a screen of TV, keep this screen clear and clean for about one week of practice... After that focus in this perfect screen and thing: “appana” (Thanh Tịnh)... “appana”... “appana” (one second at a time)... suddenly you feel like you can not breathe any more... Stop for this time. Next time push harder... And next time: Harder!

When you feel that you are on the edge just “grasp on your strength” and try to thing once again: “APPANA” (THANH TỊNH!). You’ll see a guy who seat in a padmasana posture (Lotus posture) in this screen: he look very familiar for you but you don’t know his name... who is this guy.... Where does he live...? When you think about the Earth, you know that you never born any time over there!!! And that is what we are looking for: After this event, that will change all your “live style” Nirodhi Samapatti (enjoy the happiness of Nirvana even you are still alive).

(Diệt Thọ Tưởng định)


1. Outside: Go to a refuge and find a very quiet place; let all your closer friends know what you are planning to do like:

a. If, I can not return in seven days, considered me dead and do what ever you need to do with this body

b. Do not disturb me when I meditate for any reason (Earthquake, flooding water, burning house, dying son or spouse).

2. Inside: Repeat that in your mind, by yourself:

a. You need to attain this final step.

b. When in my meditation, if I see that “Stupid Guy” again, I will speak loudly to him:

Life is not for ever (anicca)

All the Dharma are non-ego (anatman)

All is Dukkha Or:

c.         Anicca  (Vô Thường)

           Anatman (Vô Ngã)

           Dukkha (Khổ)

We recommend the formula c.

Process: With your kasina, try to attain the Fourth Jhana, then do Vipassana on: N’etam mama, Nesóham-asmi, Namesoatta. When you see this “Stupid Guy” again, use the magic formula (c).

Difficulty: On my experience, I repeat this step several times before I can afford it. It not easy to speak anything when your mind is clear and steady (Appana). The first time when I re-saw this “Stupid Guy”, I just stay there and can not remember what to do in the next step! After several times of practice, now I can remember and speak out loud the formula (c.) to this “Stupid Guy”

What happen?

The Stupid Guy disappears. A clean, clear, steady and shiny space opens in front of my vision. The perceptions of every single thing are a part of mine is clear and vivid.  Focusing at a name of an object: I become this thing with all their vibrations and their worn parts. In the name of a girl (my wife) I become her body with all their conflict energy circulating in “my” body. In a name of a boy (One of my friend) I become his body with their conflict energy but less then compare to a girl.

Suddenly, the omnipresent and omniscience (thành sở bất tại) reflect with all their vivid effect and experiences Now a though rises from “no where”: This is the end of The Path, the end of the all learning, I do that just for doing. In Vietnamese:

     Tu đã xong, học đã thành, Tui làm việc tui làm.

Remark: It will take a long time to be re-awaked. You will know that your heart and your breath are stopped at this time of Nirodhi Samapatti. You must be there seven times to become an Arahat).

Is that really the end? -- Yes and No --.

Yes, the Prateyka-Buddha way: Because a bad karma of  “killing their own father or mother” in some incarnation before, Somebody does not have a chance to show the whole path to their friend. With this influence of this bad karma, all his/her friend can not understand and do not want to follow his/her teaching. He/She hit the wall: Suddenly He/She knows that He/She becomes a Prateyka-Buddha.

Now, the Boddhisatva way:

Luckily, with all his (her) good karma: He (she) can guide all his (her) friends to The Path. Some of them can attain Nirodhi Samapatti. He (she) is a qualified boddhisattva by his (her) own practices and experiences. All the tool for a boddhisattva, you can find them in the Tantrism way. This is an other long and beautiful story: A wonder of the Universe ’85.

Translation from Vietnamese to English:
- Hiếu thảo làm đầu: Grateful to one's parents is at first.
- Diệt Thọ Tưởng Định, Nirodhi Samapatti: The Cessation of Perceptions and Sensations.
- Tu đã xong, học đã thành, Tui làm việc tui làm. Completion of learning and practicing, I do what I have to do.
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