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Tác giả Chủ đề: Therevada method to nirvana  (Đọc 3252 lần)
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« vào lúc: Tháng Ba 31, 2011, 10:21:19 AM »

This is an important lecture about the self-effort way to Nirvana
Vuacolau: Greetings!
   So you mean that human has two forms, one is the “body” and the other the “soul” (traditionally speaking), and in your method of meditation you remind everyone that: ”before you sleep remind the “mind” that you should keep your kasina and enter your dream with the kasina..ect.. so is the “mind” the soul?

Tibu: No, the mind is not the soul. But keeping the kasina makes the soul stronger (because of entering Samadhi). When the soul is able for precognition. Enough precognition to know: where is “god’s adobe” , where is not God’s adobe. And it is wrong if it comes to Buddhism, because Buddhism does not accept the concept of permanent soul, but only mention it on the way to Nirvana.

VCL wife: Could you please say it in details, I still do not get it.
Thank you
VCL wife

Tibu: Buddhism was clearer at this point (this was because the time for explaining the theory longer: in 49 days) by using this method:
1.   In the mortal plane: Human has three forms: body, soul, and thought.
And the Buddha found a way to peel out each form by this method:
2.   Enter the first Rupa Jhana and make it maximumly stronger by entering the fourth Rupa jhana.
3.   Then enter the arupa (formless) sphere, which is a place where there is only thought and completely no soul!
4.   He ( the Buddha) reached the point when “ stating that with thought is wrong” (the term for it is neither perception) and “stating it as without the non-perception” is also wrong (the term for it is neither non-perception)
In summary, when it came to the point “thought seem to exist, neither-exist” (neither perception nor non perception)
And he found a way to enter God’s domain.
This formula was easier, because the practitioner has time to get used to the abandon of these worldly forms (body, soul, and thought)
And obviously in this method the soul only exist in a short time.


Desire sphere: Body + soul + thought (male and female)

Form sphere: Soul + thought (no no gender)

Formless sphere: thought

Nirodha samadhi: Nirvana (no mind, no body)
Do not mistake nirvana with no existence

« Trả lời #1 vào lúc: Tháng Tư 09, 2011, 09:19:53 AM »

Good job, steel. Thank you!
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