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Tác giả Chủ đề: Lien hoa tang Canthatba man tivi and more...  (Đọc 4303 lần)
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Catherine Lestrange

Bài viết: 23

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« vào lúc: Tháng Tám 01, 2009, 08:36:55 AM »

Things I love love love to do.

Càn Thát Bà: is the ears and the eyes, she knows everything about the art of music and style. Ever since I've met her I have become super musical and I'm really good at putting spells around my room. She taught me how to do them and she teaches me how to perfect the piano and my vocal chords. I see and listen to her everyday, I think she is one of my very favorites because I have too much fun with her. My room has her music cast all around it and only me and Lillian can hear it. It plays exactly what I want to hear and when I want to hear it. She plays constantly in my room and that's only one of the spells I have in my room. I talk to her all the time she is best music teacher there is.

Liên Hoa Tạng: is the most beautiful place I've ever been to out of all the other worlds and heavens I've visited. It's absolutely stunning and my favorite place to go. My trip last time was the most tiring and educational. I have to get my health up to my very fullest which is all the way up to the tip of my head and then I ask Đức Phật (A Di Đà Phật) to take me to Liên Hoa Tạng. He makes sure I'm packed tight and properly in the lotus and then he thrust me up out through our black hole and I become so nauseated for a couple minutes that my health goes from my head to my stomach when we finally reached where Đức Phật decided to take me.
This time it was the blinding fast bird (Kim Xí Điểu). The coolest and one of the most terrifying thing I've ever seen (if I could see it )everything had to be slowed down about 10,000,000 frames per second and it's still going pretty fast. You can't possibly see it without slowing things down which was the best experience ever because I have never seen time slowed down. Imagine that!

Đức Phật explained to me that it won't eat me if I'm with him but if it does eat me, I would soon end up conquering it because it can't digest me. It will eat whatever person that walks by eat and it's blinding fast so nobody will even notice if they get eaten until everything is pitch black.

A Di Đà Phật told me to go back to the first place where I came which was where my phân thân worlds were and there was so many I thought it was just sand when the first time I came but looking closely I recognize a house in one of the worlds I've phân thân to and that was the first one I've came to.
Phân thân is making clones of myself and putting them in as many worlds as I possibly can. I have over too many so I don't know the  number to tell you a million million, about twenty something zeros.
Anyways the whole point is to help people with them, teaching meditation, and healing. Are the main ones that myselves do but there is always something new to learn I love watching myself work haha. =)

So Đức Phật strapped me in again and threw me and I had to experience that awful sensation of dizzyness and my health went down below my stomach when we got there. He explained to me that this is the place to control them however I would like, if I'm up here I can see basically all of them and if I arrange them all in a specific pattern like lets say the wheel then myself would go in that direction.
At that point my health has gone done to me legs and I couldn't breath A Di Đà Phật noticed and took me back. Again that sensation of nothing but everything hitting against you It's like all of your insides flip out and I'm still not use to the feeling.
I was glad when I was back on my bed but I still couldn't breathe after a couple of minutes, I was surprise that I still had enough strength to run downstairs to call Ba Phuoc. But that was because I couldn't wait to tell him.

Màn tivi: The very best thing to have, it's the most useful in every possible way. My life would be very different if I didn't have this màn tivi. I do everything in it I ask it everything and I get answers. Mostly correct answers! But with reason, I never do or ask anything that would harm others just to teach and heal. But for my enjoyment...haha=) I go to places practically everywhere I want to go: New York, Rome, London, India. But that's nothing compared to Liên Hoa Tạng or A Di Đà Phật. I go to different heavens and find things there, I go to different worlds. I go underwater. I have so much fun seeing different things that I sometimes wonder if its bad to have this much fun. I ask Ba Phước he told me its not bad but I have to Hộ Thân than first or else if somebody touches me from a different world I will get sick. I have everything from my màn tivi that's how I met many of my masters through màn tivi. I have about nine masters on top of my third eye or head (however you want to call it.) I like to talk to them.
Haha writing this makes me realize that I talk to a lot of people in my head all the time. No wonder my brother hears me talking. Haha =)
My màn tivi lets me control most of the things like for instance I can talk to dragons and ask them to rain, usually they do but sometimes they say they can't. But I love it when it does rain but sometimes they get annoyed pretty easily and they like to tease me.
I learn how to do acupuncture with my màn tivi, I know which direction I need to teach meditation with my màn tivi. I learn how to cast spells or curses with my màn tivi.
I learned everything I know today from my màn tivi and besides the knowledge I get from my masters. Everything else is my màn tivi.

It's the most important one to me, very simple one I see it all the time. Its just a white rectangle screen or sometimes I don't see the screen, I just close my eyes and anything I want to see or ask, appears. To me it's the best thing you could possible have.

Lately: I've been pretty unhealthy I can't sleep till 4 or 5 in the morning and then I feel horrible and tired and I just feel scared and unsafe. I have never been scared especially since I put up the spells in my room. So I went up to A Di Đà Phật to sleep but then I was to weak so I slipped back down so I had to sleep the normal way so I started to relax and still I couldn't sleep I tried everything from A Di Đà Phật to Nam Mô Dược Sư. After about three nights of this unusual torture Ba phuoc called me and I called him back (see he always has the best timing) I told him this and he told me to go get my mom's dirty shirt and hug it to sleep. It worked, why didn't I think of that=).
It's so funny how I can do almost everything I want with my man tivi, play with Càn Thát Bà, or go to worlds. But I still need my mommy to be there with me when I sleep.

But now I can sleep I feel much better today my health back to about my stomach. That means I can go back to lien hoa tang soon.

Lillian If you read this I miss your laughs and I want you to come back to Utah, I hope your having fun though. Hi Cô Thảo =)

-Catherine Lestrange
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Jr. Member

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« Trả lời #1 vào lúc: Tháng Tám 07, 2009, 08:53:49 AM »


It has been a while since I last having a buffet with you and your Mom.

You are advancing quite well into the world of practicing the Dhrama and meditation.


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