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Chủ đề: Practicing guidline  (Đọc 128772 lần)
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Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.org/ThucHanh/MinhSatTue.htm#NhapLuu

Often be mentioned a lot in the literature of Zen, but few know essentially how it is: Based on what the master say someone is enlightened, others not? When practitioner has ability to be enlightened? So when the master gives Zen practitioner a koan? What expression when someone is enlightened?

Here is the judgment and experience of the man he has turned enlightenment, so you can choose to follow or not
1. When practitioner has ability to be enlightened?

When practitioner reaches 2nd Jhana, at that time, practitioner  meticulously temporarily stop and switch to one of the following two questions( or 2 koans)
a. Buddha nature is everywhere, but why I do not know?
b. Everything is to be one( all the same), why I do not know?
2. What expression when someone is enlightened?

While mediating with these above thought, suddenly practitioner has feeling like he/she is dissolving or disappear and he/she may think that he/she is all over everywhere, even the feeling is very lightly but effects are intense on the body with evidence the body may be in ecstasy/drowsiness for  24 hours

Let’s say it again CAREFULLY: The time being enlightened will not happen during mediating session, but normally in normal life when  practitioner is living with his/her normal activities(when going, standing, lying, sitting). When practitioner is in enlightenment, he/she will go through a process temporary called: Reset Process! This means that the nerve currently is operating under karma. Once being enlightened, the nerve system of the practitioner will vibrate to instill the truth which he only tasted within a “blink of an eye” moment. The vibration of the nerve system will make practitioners feeling dizzy during 24 hours from the time being enlightened. 

AND Base on what the Master say someone is being enlightened or not?

Based countless miracle and supernatural ability with calm, the Master see immediately see in middle of practitioner’s chest has a 10cm diameter agonist with bright YELLOW color! And he said right away, without any hesitation in truthful:

"THIS IS YOU, YOU have been enlightened! But I have a duty to remind you that: You are stiill a far AWAY FROM BUDDHA! Just like you just got certification of over illiteracy, but this is granted to you in terms of spirituality.

Remind: If when mediating you see  left eye, flower, crawling people, mediating people without the lotus,  HEAR THE VOICES s, feeling stress on chest, smelling the scent .... in an unexpected and sudden way. YOU MUST STOP RIGHT AWAY, and return to self protection technique. If not you are being controlled by outsiders in spirit world.

Note: My experience is: The most probability practitioners can enter enlightenment is when at 2nd Jhana : when kasina appeared and practitioners worry of losing it.

Koan: In Zen a koan is a formulation, in baffling language, pointing to the ultimate truth. Koans cannot be solved by recourse to logical reasoning, but only by awakening a deeper level of the mind beyond the discursive intellect.


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“ My doctrine is not for anyone to believe, but to practice”
Shakyamuni Buddha

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.org/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm

Contemplating the Impermanence

Focus on an idea to create a scene of the Impermanence: A grave. When this imagination appears as real right in front of your eye, then practitioner continue to contemplate about the harsh truth:
 “ I myself also must go down into this grave, my company, lover, family, children and any property also go into this grave”
Effect: If you can imagine these above, then practitioner will feel indifferently when something happened to his/her daily life. When having this kind of consciousness,  practitioner waits until it ripens after going through three stages: watering, fulfilling, and abundant. When it reaches the abundant stage, an image of a grave lastly turns into a bright yellow lotus with exactly five petals.
For one practicing Pureland: With this 5 petals – lotus, practitioner recites this following: Namo Amitabha Buddha or Om, Amitabha Hrih Svaha, then he/she will suddenly enter the pure land. Please try and see it.

Contemplating the Death
This is rated R, just for significant practitioner who can bear it. In Tantra, there is a picture of Vajra Vajra god who is making love with a female Vajra Vajra. The number of people who misunderstood this picture is much and they think they are so great that they can do it, then a result is: Every night, master find his followers to have sex.

When meeting an opposite gender, please don’t see
If accidently see, then don’t say anything
If accidently say, then please use the right mindfulness.

Right mindfulness also depends on different kind of people. For me, I must contemplate the death. Another way, just considers these opposite gender ones as your family members.

The danger of this contemplating is: When you see someone who is too beautiful/ handsome, you forget the Impermanence of this objective, so as a result, it’s unsuccessfully.

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Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.org/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanTuBi

Contemplating the love and kindness is considered as one of hardest practice.
Saying is easy but doing is very hard.
1.   Close eyes (100%)
2.   Try to imagine face of a girl who u love and who u try to satisfied-> This is easy
3.   Try to imagine face of Sadden Hussen or anybody who u hate the most until this image appearing right in front of your clearly -> this is also easy since you hate that person quite a lot.
4.   Imagine both part 2 and 3 -> two images must be in the same size and equal to each other.
5.   Then let’s pray about love and kindness.

My knowledge by far, I know in Tantra, there is one Buddha called Vairocanabuddha
And also in the one thousand light Book, there is one Buddha called Victorious Fighting Buddha (Dau Chien Thang Phat).
Once, I went to see how look the Victorious Fighting Buddha is and I saw him with Skull stick. I asked him the way he had done to become the Buddha and he replied: My only way to become Buddha is contemplating the Impermanence.  Of course, The Buddhas never read books to have this kind of knowledge, but by using his righteous mediation only.
And there is not any Buddha who is imitating the other Buddha. They have their own character and they all say: I have no one who is my master.

Contemplating the loving-kindness, compassion, empathic joy, equanimity ( or the four immeasurable )

Level: Fourth Jhana

Visualize an image of your love and enemy. Imagine these two right in front of you obviously and clearly.
Until the law has been equal, means the two images appearing in balance, easily; then practitioner try to think about loving-kindness, compassion, emphatic joy, equanimity to one person/object. Afterward, you need to see the changing of this object
Then you need to spread the loving-kindness, compassion, emphatic joy, equanimity to two persons/objects and see the changing of these two ( trees will grow, bloom and have sweet fruit) Or (The one who hate u suddenly be nice to u)

Next step, try to spread the loving-kindness, compassion, empathic joy, equanimity to three  persons/objects and see the changing of these three, then a group of objects and next…as much as possible. Keep practicing this contemplate    

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Contemplating the impurity of the body

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.org/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanThanBatTinh

It’s quite a long time since I have the opportunity to talk about this complicated thing: Desire/ lust. I’m myself quite strong/ energetic, so sex involvement is like a mountain burden for me.

Book saying: To deal with this desire, we should contemplate the impurity in body.
This is also considered as one technique of Bruce Leae, means accordingly we need to attack the enemies before they have enough time to attack us.

Meanwhile, the mind/consciousness needs to solve this problem right from the germ live of this desire. By practicing the habit of thinking about the opposite sex differently

Practicing technique:
1.       Choose the subject:
a.       At the beginning, you should not choose the subject as a very beautiful woman; but an old woman with wrinkles, etc.
b.      Then when u go to the funeral, you should remember that scene.
c.       Lastly, you should  memorize the gravel
After 3 steps like mentioned above (a) (b) (c), you come to the practicing.
2.       Practice:
a.       Laying down on the bed and rewind the 3 scenes,  assemble these 3 scenes into a likely real movie with imagination
Meaning: Let’s the old lady standing there, blur her image and then change to a funeral scene and then a gravel appear.
You can do imagine about this, you are practicing the contemplate which always mentioned in mediating book. You will see the desire disappearing. If not, you need to practice again and again.
Then change a subject from an old lady to a woman with normal looking.
We need to use the subject as an old lady because our mind will let’s her die very easily. If not applicable, then we need to use the subject as a normal looking woman.
As my experience, I know if coming to this step, practitioners will reduce 99% the desire ( a research of 50 practitioners)
b) When u reach first jhana
According to book, when reaching 1st jhana, practitioner will have:
3. Happy
4. Joyful and whole mind

And when reaching 1st Jhana, practitioner will also separated from Desire

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Contemplating the Four Enormous (mahābhūta)

Source: http://www.hoasentrenda.org/ThucHanh/QuanVoThuong.htm#QuanTuDai

Eventually, everything will pass away. However, if you want to try and leave precious things in this life, you should sum up the experience of yourself when practicing your  Kasina.
Here is one procedure/techniques which I am (Tibu) fond of:
Contemplating the Four Enormous –mahābhūta (Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind): You can read more about it from this link:
Level: Very difficult (From Fourth Jhana)
Requirement: Mastering (Can mediate the kasina as small or big easily) and effortlessly (can change the kasina without effort).
Duration: 31 minutes
Effects:  Understand more about strength and weakness of practitioner’s body, how to balance your health and please remember to spend your blessing to upgrade your health.
Especially: kasina which is difficult to appear will show you which part of your body has problem

1.   Preparation: 1 minute
2.   Implementing: 30 minutes
-   Enter the fourth Jhana and then into your 3d TV.
-   Contemplating the Earth: Think about it’s the element of Life
-   Contemplating the Water ( a drop of water): Think about it’s the principle of life ( the drop must be sticky)
-   Contemplating the Fire: Think about it’s the factor of Life ( warmth and coldness… how to balance your body)
-   Contemplating the Wind ( Image of a window with curtain blowing in the wind): Think about it’s the expression of life
3.   Return to your breath.
4.   Release mediation

Little monk say Tibu’s way is not very good. They only do it in 2 minutes to complete the whole process.
But to maintain and make the four enormous in balance, it will take around 2 days.
When completing the process, the Little monk’s mother told Tibu that: He looks so healthy, like a new person. Everything is great, no more stomachache, no back pain, no need to massage his back and shoulder…How great it is.
However, the two day of little monk may equal to 1 year of the old ones.
Little monks found new way: Use the four images of the Four Enormous to put in horizontally and then they will adjust through the brightness and order of the Four Enormous. And finally, the Four Enormous will be in same brightness

With this result, our health will be harmonious with sparkling eyes, pinkie face,  and no pain during period.

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